Age of War
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Age of War

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Code UPC :9781616618353

Age of War is a fast-paced dice game for two to six players, created by award winning designer Reiner Knizia. In the game, players take on the roles of daimyos in feudal Japan, laying siege to castles in an attempt to vanquish their rivals and unite the nation's clans. Conquering a castle doesn't make it secure, however, since other players can launch their own sieges against it. To be victorious, a player must act swiftly to seize key castles, unite the clans, and rally Japan to his cause.

Players: 2-6
Play Time: 20 minutes
Ages: 14+

  • Auteur : Reiner Knizia
  • Nombre de joueurs : 2-6
  • Durée : 15-30 Min.
  • Âge recommandé : 14+
  • Langue : English