Wing it: Game of Extreme Storytelling
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Wing it: Game of Extreme Storytelling

Product Code:HITFLP95049040

Wing It: Game of Extreme Storytelling is an outrageous and funny problem-solving game where you tell stories through the cards you are dealt.

Players put their creativity to the test head to head against each other as they dream up ways to overcome unlikely obstacles while armed with an even unlikelier set of resources to combat these obstacles.  In each round, the players are all presented with the same challenging situation, but each player has different objects that they can use as their resources to resolve the situation. Each player comes up with a story about how they'll solve the situation using exactly three of the five objects in their hand, and then everyone takes a turn pitching their story to a judge. A winning story is selected, a new player becomes the judge, and the next round begins.

For example, the situation could be:

You are being chased by a pack of rare carnivorous rabbits on a nature preserve in rural Missouri. All you have is...

And the example answers could be:

Ten candles and a box of matches, box of kittens, twelve-ounce bag of expired coffee, ten rolls of duct tape, high school chemistry teacher.

You'll just have to Wing It: Use ridiculous objects to get out of absurd situations!

  • Number of players : 4 - 7
  • Playing time : 15 - 90 Minutes
  • Recommended ages : 12+