Shadows of Brimstone: Expansion - Other Worlds - Derelict Ship
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Shadows of Brimstone: Expansion - Other Worlds - Derelict Ship

Product Code:FFP0708

Lost in space for centuries, the star ship Vostros disappeared with all its crew, on its final mission! Hurtling through interstellar space, the ship’s systems are still running; its Dark Stone Warp Drive still active, tearing open gates in the fabric of space and time that lead into the dark corridors and cold steel rooms of the ship. Though Darkness and death close in all around, there are many parts of this Derelict Ship yet untouched; amazing weapons and technology to be had if you can survive this terrifying voyage of the dead!

This Expansion introduces a brand new OtherWorld full of shambling Necronauts, high tech Artifacts, and the cold terrors of deep space!

Including a full set of 18 Map Tiles for this new Derelict Ship world (with all new Mine Rooms on the back), 3 deadly new Enemy Types (6 undead Necronauts, 3 Auto-Turret defenses, and 3 large, robotic B.E.A.C.O.N. Drones), a host of new game cards, and 6 challenging new Missions; the Derelict Ship will push your Heroes to the brink of madness, as the flickering lights and whispering voices in the dark close in all around. If you can survive, you may find futuristic weapons and unimaginable technology amidst the interstellar Horrors of...The Derelict Ship!