Stormbreak Narrative League 2019 ^ Mar 2019
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Stormbreak Narrative League 2019 ^ Mar 2019

Product Code:PIP99180

Each prize kit contains 8 patches that participants can earn by playing during this event.

The fate of Llael is in your hands! Stormbreak is the next chapter in a greater narrative that will culminate at Lock & Load 2019! This story-driven league can be run over a weekend or over the course of several weeks. Players will report their game results to influence the outcome of this epic saga.

More details; 

  • Beginning with the upcoming Winter Rampage event kicking off in January 2019, the ongoing contest for control of Llael will continue—and the shape of the Iron Kingdoms to come will be decided by you, the players. 
  • Connecting the Winter Rampage, the spring narrative league, and culminating at a final climactic event at Lock & Load 2019, the Stormbreak storyline continues the Acts of War series penned by Aeryn Rudel (Flashpoint, Aftershock) and will conclude the saga of the liberation of Llael. 
  • Written in four parts, the Stormbreak fiction will be published online for free, setting the scene for each of the Organized Play events that it covers. 
  • Key factors reported by the players of each event will not only influence the next event but the storyline itself, as Rudel reactively writes each of the segments following the Organized Play events to illustrate the changing world and the shifting storyline based on player feedback. 
  • Ultimately, Llael’s destiny will be revealed, and the player-driven outcomes of events will decide the fate of key characters featured in the storyline, including whether or not they survive the final battle and what form, if any, they may take in future battles of WARMACHINE and HORDES. 
  • We’ll also see in the introduction of a new technology that will change the shape of warfare in the Iron Kingdoms, forever. (If you’ve read Watery Graves by Chris Jackson or “The Devil’s in the Details” by Miles Holmes, begin speculation…now!)