Goremaw, Great Worm
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Goremaw, Great Worm

Product Code:RM77579

  • Dark Heaven Legends is the premier 25mm Heroic Scale fantasy line for miniature painters, roleplayers and wargamers. 
  • The Dark Heaven line has produced over 1,300 fantasy miniatures designed and crafted by the top miniatures sculptors in the world.

  • The Bones material is a polymer plastic. It is light-weight and slightly flexible, and is very durable. 
  • You can paint a Bones figure straight out of the package, and that paint job will also be pretty durable. 
  • Bones figures are as detailed as metal figures, for a much lower cost. 
  • Bones miniatures are produced with integral (built-in) bases, but it is easy to cut the miniature off of the base if you prefer to put it on something else. 
  • It is also easy to cut the figures apart to convert them into different poses or change weapons.

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly and prep work may be required.
  • Reaper minatures are 28mm scale.
  • Miniatures vary from 1/4in to 3in depending on the item

  • System : Bones
  • Packaging : Box
  • Model Type : Metal / Resin