Cybergeneration: Virtualfront (BOOK)
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Cybergeneration: Virtualfront (BOOK)

Product Code:RTGCP3441

The VirtualFront Sourcebook includes:

  • ?Two New Yogangs: The virtuality-twisting V-punks and the data-snatching Networkers.
  • ?Loads of info on how the Net and Virtuality operate and interact with the world of 2027.
  • ?A whole bunch of new Net and V-space equipment and programs.
  • ?Rache's answers to questions about Wizards and how they work, including new abilities that they can learn.
  • ?Profiles on the new forces in the Net: AIM Overwatch and the Cyberspace Task Force.
  • ?A complete adventure in the which the characters answer a Netspace cry for help, only to find a being that shouldn't exist...