Island at the Edge of the World (Book)

Product Code:PAL458

Never before revealed history of the Palladium World revealed! A must have adventure sourcebook for Palladium fantasy fans!
Virtually every adventure unravels the mysteries of the past! Startling revelations and bits of information regarding:
  • The Tristine Chronicles.
  • The Time of A Thousand Magics.
  • Changlings, ancient kings and the Changeling Inquisition.
  • Crystal Magic -  as powerful as rune weapons.
  • The legenary Circle of Absolute Elemental Power.
  • The Island at the Edge of the World.
  • The Baalgor Wastelands and more


  • The Church of the Scar.
  • Frightening Prophecies about the end of the World.
  • Explore The Valley (from which none return), The Old Kingdom Mountains, The town of a Dozen Fracts, ancient ruins, the catacombs of dead kings, uncharted islands and the Island at the Edge of the World!
  • Fight the Crystal King and his minions, fanatical priests, the crystal golem, ghosts from the past, elementals, ogres, orcs, kobolds, changelings, sorcerers, power hungry madmen, pirates, and monsters.
  • Many unique villains and places.
  • Adventures and adventure ideas.