Dungeon Tiles - Graystone - Combo pack 5 ten inch & 16 5 inch squares

Product Code:R4I45023

This pack of 21 double-sided dry-erase Graystone Dungeon Tiles contains five 10" and sixteen 5" tiles, each with a 1" grid. Made out of heavy duty chipboard, they're over 1/8" think.

This set of tiles provides more flexibility than a traditional battlemat by allowing you to assemble your dungeon map like a puzzle as your adventure grows!

The interlocking feature of these tiles makes the 5" and 10" tiles fully compatible with each other for the best dungeon mapping. Use the large tiles for multiple rooms and great halls. Use the small tiles for the connecting halls and corridors.

Furthermore, we recommend using wet-erase markers when you wish to pre-draw your maps and pack them up for transport so the ink holds a little better.