Critter Cards ^ Q1 2023
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Critter Cards ^ Q1 2023

Product Code: HITRNGCC001

Hello adventurers. Welcome to the Critter Realm! Join one of the Critter Clans and challenge your friends to a game of wits and focus. 

Will you team up with the Gnomes, the Realm’s magical builders, or explore the unknown deep in the Realm’s waters with the Merfolk? Will you join the Pixies and soar through the skies, play games high in the treetops with the Woodfolk, or become a knight with the Dino clan? 

Whichever you decide, in your journey you are not alone. The Clan Heroes, human adventurers like you, will assist you in your time of need. 

The Critter Realm is a magical place with so much to discover! 


The goal of Critter Cards is to be the player with the most cards in their Loot pile by the end of the game. 

Critter Cards: Gnomes vs Merfolk comes with everything two people need to play. Each comes with 2x 25 card Critter decks, 2 hero cards, and 2x 6 card spell decks. 


  • Designer : Michael Carson
  • Number of players : 2
  • Playing time : 15+
  • Recommended ages : 3+
  • Language : English