Aristeia! AGL Event Kit
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Aristeia! AGL Event Kit

Product Code:CORCBARI11

UPC Code:8437016958117

Corvus Belli will launch the Organized Play Program for Aristeia!, a new board game with miniatures for two players. By taking part in the Aristeia! Global League (AGL), you will join a great international community of people with whom enjoy the most exciting sport in the Human Sphere beyond the tabletop.

These are the contents for our first Event Kit:

  • 1 Limited Edition Event Winner badge
  • 2 Limited Edition Dice Bags
  • 2 Limited Edition Art Prints
  • 4 Limited Edition Metal Victory Points tokens
  • 4 Limited Edition Metal Frag tokens
  • 6 Special Sponsor Cards
  • 12 Basic Sponsors Cards
  • 4 Limited Edition Promo Character Cards
  • 8 random Aristeia! badges
  • 6 HexaDomes

Current organizers of Infinity official tournaments will find it very easy to report AGL events, as they will manage all the reports with the same online tool, our OTM (Official Tournament Manager), available for free in our website. As they do with ITS, the Organized Play program for Infinity, organizers can take advantage of our infrastructure to easily promote and manage all their official events. Once added to our system, their events will show in our public worldwide calendar and players registered in the AGL will be able to sign up as attendees.
  • System : Aristeia!
  • Packaging : Box
  • Attributes : Assembly Required, Unpainted