Infinity: Ariadna The Unknown Ranger (Molotok)
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Infinity: Ariadna The Unknown Ranger (Molotok)

Product Code:COR280185-0626

UPC Code:2801850006260

Who is the Unknown Ranger? A legend born in the trenches of the Separatist Wars. Some say that he is a Ranger officer who saw all the men under his command die. Wounded and left for dead, he has made a solemn oath to dedicate his life to honour his fallen comrades and help any Ariadnan soldier that is in danger. With his face always covered, he has become a symbol for all the nameless Rangers that have fought for USAriadna.

Great combat feats are attributed to him, forging a reputation that goes beyond legend, tipping the balance on what would seem unavoidable defeats and turning desperate situations into victories. It is also said that he is a ghost, that has been seen dying in battle, but that he always comes back in the hour of need of USAriadna.

This blister contains 1x Unknown Ranger (Specialist Operative) (Molotok)

Please note: Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Material : Plastic
  • Attributes : Assembly Required, Unpainted