Chess Computer: DGT Centaur ^ OCT 2024
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Chess Computer: DGT Centaur ^ OCT 2024

Product Code: DGT12000

The most innovative Chess Computer that automatically adapts itself to your playing strength!

Your Perfect Chess Friend! The Centaur computer takes a focus on human-like moves for the perfect playing experience, unlike the anarchy of a usual computer, making this board fit for tournament training and improving your OTB games! You can even select the general difficulty, either Friendly, Challenging, or Expert, for whatever level of play whether casual or competitive. But in any case the board can still adapt to your skill level!

With the sensor board you can simply move pieces in a natural way as you would on a typical board. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, whether you are a home player or a club player, Centaur always adapts to your level as soon as you make your first move! With the high-tech LED board you can ensure the computer recognizes your moves as well as easily identify moves made by the computer all without taking your eyes off the game.

This board also contains a built in clock featured on the unobtrusive and sleek monitor allowing for 8 different time controls, as well as turning the clock off. This monitor also breaks down previous moves, current position score, and even hints of what moves to make next! If the board goes inactive Centaur will power down to save battery while still saving the current position to pick up from!

Being able to remember previous positions also allows you to set the board in any position you'd like; the board allows you to analyze outside games or even set up and solve puzzles.