Cheap Shot Cheaper Shots
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Cheap Shot Cheaper Shots

Product Code:GUT1006

UPC Code:094922408501

Cheap Shot is a rummy-style game of insults, with each player starting with a hand of seven cards, which take the form of subjects, conjunctions, verbal phrases, and retorts. On a turn, the active player tries to use the cards in hand to create an insult: "Your Secret Boyfriend / is a drama farmer / and / tells only lies." Unless the targeted player can come up with a block card, such as "Oh grow up!", the insult will stand as points. The more cards in the insult, the more points you score!

Cheap Shot: Cheaper Shots ups the drama with edgier and potentially more insulting cards, e.g., "Your Latest Gigolo / is urine soaked / and / is a spaz on the dance floor." Don't care for such words aimed in your direction? Block it with "Stick it where the sun don't shine".