Glorantha Sourcebook (BOOK)
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Glorantha Sourcebook (BOOK)

Product Code:CHA4033-H

An invaluable resource for gamemasters, players, and readers of fantasy worlds, this sourcebook is gorgeously illustrated and filled with informative maps and diagrams. 

This systemless sourcebook can be used to enhance and support any fantasy roleplaying game of your choosing, including RuneQuest, HeroQuest, and 13th Age Glorantha, and others. 

The Glorantha Sourcebook covers the following subjects:

  • Geography
  • History of Dragon Pass
  • The Elder Races
  • Theogony
  • Time
  • Gods of the Lunar Way
  • Redline History of the Lunar Empire
  • Gloranthan Magic
  • Gods and Mortals
  • Sartar Magical Union