Call of Cthulhu: Old Ones Rising (BOOK)
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Call of Cthulhu: Old Ones Rising (BOOK)

Product Code:APU6008

UPC Code:9781940410234

Cosmic terrors for every table!
OLD ONES RISING compiles issues 18 through 21 of The Unspeakable Oath.

It includes:
Eight ready-to-play scenarios:
For Call of Cthulhu, “Dog Will Hunt,” “Suited and Booted,” “She Just Couldn’t Stay Away (No, No),” and “The Man With a Thousand Faces.”
For Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, “Let’s Learn Aklo!”
For Trail of Cthulhu, “The Brick Kiln.”
For Cthulhu Dark, “Sukakpak,” plus the core Cthulhu Dark rules.
For Fiasco, the playset “Unaussprechlichen Klutzen.”

Arcane artifacts, mysterious manuscripts, and scenario seeds for any campaign.
Feature articles to deepen your gaming and horrify your players:
The corrupt Egyptian pharaoh Nephren-Ka.
The Chapel of Contemplation, which expands on the classic scenario “The Haunting.”
The horrors of the Dust Bowl.
A modern-day occultist in over her head.
The loathsome paramours of Y’golonac.
The historical Assassins.
“Directives from A-Cell” for Delta Green.