Swordcrafters: Expanded Edition

Product Code:ASS1311

  • Card Drafting
  • Pattern Building
  • Set Collection
  • Tile Placement

Swordcrafters Expanded Edition
 includes the Swordcrafters base game plus three modules to mix and match for amazing replay value.

In Swordcrafters, players compete to forge the best sword scoring based on length, quality, and magic. Each round, each player makes one cut in a grid of sword tiles to create a separation. After the separations phase, each player selects one grouping of sword tiles and assembles them into their sword. When there are not enough sword tiles to form a new grid, scoring occurs.

The Expanded Edition layers in three exciting new modules: Relics, Tips, and Mastery. Relics add new tiles to the grid creating more importance on your set collection expertise. Tips grant players two additional goals that score based on their sword. Mastery challenges players to complete mini-goals throughout the game.